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  1. Youtube’s ilikeweylie giving some tips. 

    I agree with her advice. If you’d like to watch the video, I’d suggest to start at 2:30 where the advice begins. 

    1) Trust him. -“Why be in a relationship with someone you can’t trust?” 

    2) Don’t blow up his phone. -Something I needed to learn and hear. Hahaha If you’re constantly blowing up his phone, how will they learn when to text you first?  

    3) Don’t hate on his family. - If there’s something seriously wrong with his family, learn how to communicate. The way you say it with your tone and word selection matters. You won’t like him talking badly about your family, would you? 

    4) Don’t be so bossy. -(I should’ve been told this as well. Hahaha) Just like Weylie, I grew up in an Asian family and I was constantly told to be a queen. But as a queen, you must remember to treat him like your king. He is NOT your slave. He doesn’t need to do everything for you. Learn to do things on your own. “A relationship is about working together, not having him do everything for you.

    5) Let him go out. - He doesn’t need to be with you at all times. If he asks you to go out, and takes the initiative to ask, then he must respect you. He doesn’t need to be with you 24/7. “He is not your magnet. He is not your weave. He is not your cellphone.” You have lives separate from each other. 

    6) Don’t expect him to pay for everything. Just like Weylie and I, we have friends that think guys have to pay for everything. Would you want a guy to constantly ask you to pay for everything?! No. He does not need to pay for your Uggs. He does not need to pay for your expensive V-necks. If you can’t pay for it yourself, you don’t deserve it. (I will expand on this in a future blog. I highly hate moochers.)

    7) Take him out and let him show you out. - Don’t always stay home. Guys, as I have learned from my communications class, bond with people through activities. And by activities, I don’t mean staying at home watching movies. I was once on the opposite end of this. An ex of mine always just wanted to stay home and do nothing. It was so numbingly boring. If he wants to show you to his friends at a party, why not? It means he’s proud to be seen with you. Let him show you off. :) 

    Or switch turns. One weekend you both stay home, and the next week, you go out where he wants you both to go. 

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